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Overseas Horse Services is dedicated to promoting horse competition in Canada; which is achieved by sponsoring several international and local horse shows. This includes, but is not limited to, the Spruce Meadows Summer Series, RMSJ, Caledonia Horse Show, Thunderbird horse Show and the Spruce Meadows Masters.

Congratulations to our winning horses and riders from 2015!

Kimberly Tackaberry and Sophie at Rocky Mountain Classic III in the $10,000 Grand Prix 1.30m-1.35m
kimberly tackaberry

Vanessa Mannix and HHS Cheiro at Rocky Mountain Classic II in the $3,000 Modified Grand Prix 1.35m
vanessa mannix

Jamie Holinski and “Ebon’s Night Train” at Caledonia Classic in the $300 1.10m Jumper
jamie holinksi

Jayden Stettner and Callisto at the Champions Tournament in the 1m Speed Derby
jayden stettner