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Guidelines for shipment

Airlines only allow you to send following items with your horse(s): one halter, 2 lead ropes, 4 leg protectors (or transport bandages) and maximum 2 rugs. Any additional items that you would like to send with your horse(s) (such as bridle; saddle; additional blankets; riding and/or grooming equipment; videotapes and/or dvd’s; etc.) must be booked separately at least 5 days prior scheduled departure date. The shipping of these additional items will be charged to the client, depending on the weight and dimensions. Please note that in most cases there is a minimum fee of 220 Euro, not including the handling charges and taxes at the airport of destination. In order to book and ship your equipment properly, all items must be packed in strong, solid and waterproof trunks and/or bags. Every trunk and bag must be labelled with ·the owner’s name and address ·the horse’s name. Following information is to be received by our office, either by fax or e-mail, no later than 5 days prior the scheduled departure date: ·number of trunks and/or bags; ·weight and dimensions for every trunk and/or bag; ·a written packing list, mentioning the content of every trunk and/or bag. For each bag or trunk a separate list is to be issued. Every list must be numbered, written preferably by computer/typewriter (or in capitals if handwritten) and must contain every single item that is packed inside the trunk/bag); ·a commercial invoice for any new bought items, worth over 250 Euro. We realise that these measures require some additional work for you. Please note however that above information and documentation is essential to secure shipment and arrival of your goods. The airlines, and/or European Horse Services, can not be hold responsible for any lost and/or damaged equipment - nor for seizure of equipment by official bodies - due to not meeting with the above regulations. A sample packing list can be found in the 'download' section of our website. Your dedicated EHS Team.

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