Recently gelded horses

Do not ship them too soon after castration!

In the past few weeks there have been some problems with horses that were recently castrated and offered for shipment. There were complications at the airport of destination with a few horses that were shipped (too) shortly after being castrated. Either the wounds were not completely healed or got swollen and/or infected, with all its consequences. The local authorities are not very keen on receiving such horses, especially the U.S. Department of Agriculture at the quarantine centres of New York, Los Angeles and Miami. In order to avoid any further problems or additional import requirements that might be imposed by the authorities at the receiving airports, we strongly recommend not to ship any recently castrated horses, unless the wounds are completely healed. Please bear in mind that travelling at high altitudes not only dehydrates the body of humans and animals, but also often result in limbs and wounds swelling up, making them look worse than they actually are. Also these kinds of complications might result in high bills by private veterinarians should they be called for. We really must try and avoid these, as your clients, or any other party involved, really would not appreciate these additional charges. Thanking you for your consideration, we remain, Yours sincerely, The EHS Team.

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